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Tschudi Lines is our dedicated short sea team which works in close cooperation with the rest of the Tschudi Logistics team. This enables us to provide our clients with full package solutions covering all modes of transportation. We tailor solutions for door-to-door, port-to-port, door-to-port – the possibilities are endless.

We know that every transport is unique. That is why our multimodal solutions take your every need and request into consideration, whilst prioritising the safety of your cargo at all times.

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Dry containers

Transport services of all types of goods in dry containers. Examples of dry cargo include vehicle parts, food and beverage, building materials, tools and equipment, clothing, furniture, et cetera.

Reefer containers

Reliable temperature-controlled transport of perishable cargo such as flowers, dairy products, fish, vegetables, cheese, bread, and so forth.

Special containers

Transport of cargo that needs loading from the top or sides on flatracks of 20ft, 40ft and 45ft.

Our short sea services

Our team has great experience with operating short sea container lines in Europe, UK, and Ireland. We provide the following services:

  • 48 hours transit from the European continent to Oslo fjord and Western Norway.
  • Intermodal solutions covering all of Europe.
  • Minimum two weekly departures via Rotterdam and Hamburg.
  • Weekly departure from Poland.

Requirement of power of attorney for custom representation

From January 1st 2023, new laws regarding customs are in effect in Norway. It is essential that all importers of goods to Norway familiarise themselves with these new laws.

As Tschudi acts as customs representative it is now required that we receive a power of attorney to act on behalf of the party liable to declare.

Read more about the new rules here and find the power of attorney form below.

Download Norwegian versionDownload English version     

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Sustainable door-to-door solutions

Short sea shipping is more cost-efficient and reliable than inland transport, whilst producing substantially less CO2 emissions per tonne-km. Our multimodal solutions guarantee that you always get the most time- and cost-efficient freight solutions for your goods, whilst limiting your environmental impact.

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Immediate Increase in CRS, BAF & Diesel Surcharge

Due to the rapid escalation of fuel costs throughout Europe, extraordinary measures are required to secure the continuation of our services.