Immediate increase in CRS, BAF and diesel surcharges

As a result of the current situation in Ukraine and the rapid escalation of fuel costs throughout Europe, extraordinary measures are required to secure the continuation of our services.

Please take notice of the following:

BAF – Sea transport

Due to the dramatic increase in oil prices, we see no other possibility than to change from a monthly BAF into a bi-weekly BAF. Starting in week 11, we will announce BAF with two weeks validity, and this will be valid for shipments in week 12-13; the next update will then be in week 13, valid for shipments in week 14-15; and so on.

CRS – Sea transport

The shortage of vessels as well as the continuation of high charter rates forces us to increase the current CRS with immediate effect. Please contact us to learn our current CRS per TEU.

Diesel Prices – Land transport

The diesel prices for land transport have increased with some 40% since 1 January 2022.

With our rates based on the diesel price per 1 January 2022, we do not see any other alternative than to implement an urgent diesel surcharge with immediate effect.

  • The surcharge will be adjusted every 1st and 15th in the month, based on the same regulations as earlier.
  • The diesel surcharge will be added as an own line on the invoice for all door-to-door deliveries.


For any questions or comments regarding our current surcharges, please contact us at:

Phone: +47 6711 9880