Environmental, Social, Governance

We are committed

We operate worldwide offering logistics services for all modalities and for all types of cargo - from oversized and heavy to conventional and containerized. We are committed to living up to our responsibility for the environment we operate in and the health, safety and security of everyone involved in our operations.

Environment. We place high emphasis on environmental issues and expect that employees and subcontractors do the same.

Social. We aim to be responsible corporate citizens in the communities we operate in. Complying with Group policies and procedures we ensure the safety of lives, the environment, vessels and cargoes.

Governance. Our governance policies include measuring our performance to track our own and our partners’ responsibilities so we can reach our targets.

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We commit to consequently providing high quality services that meet our clients' and our own expectations. Everything we do is in compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


We commit to providing a safe working environment for our employees and stakeholders. In the interaction between us and our business environment it is pivotal that we leave a positive footprint.


We commit to transparency and strive towards reducing our environmental footprint by focusing on continuous improvement of our environmental management system. We focus on long term value creation.

Our standards are high

To ensure that we stay in movement, and to continuously develop our integrated management system, we follow internationally recognized standards. In that regard, we undergo external audits performed by DNV annually. We are committed - the sole purpose is to stay on top of our game in all aspects of our business.

View our certificates:

Quality: ISO 9001: 2015
Occupational Health and Safety: ISO 45001: 2018
Environment: ISO 14001: 2015

The Tschudi Code of Conduct

A high ethical standard is the foundation of a good working environment and a sound and open corporate culture. Openness, honesty, and respect create good relations between people; give fertile condition for innovation and interaction, and make us proud of our company, workplace and employer. Through high standards and strong internal culture, we are creating trust and a good reputation, thus showing our clients that we are trustful and dependable.

The Code of Conduct forms a standard for what is considered as a good and responsible conduct in our Group, but the Code is not exhaustive. Contact us for more information.

Our approach

Everything we do is rooted in our corporate policies. All policies are signed by our Chairman and CEO, and they are long lasting commitments to owners, clients, employees, partners, and society, defining main principles and priorities for management, business conduct, and personal behaviour.

Tschudi Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Tschudi Environmental Policy
Tschudi Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Policy
Tschudi Communication & Media Policy
Tschudi Financial Policy
Tschudi Health, Safety and Security Policy
Tschudi Human Resources Policy
Tschudi Quality Policy
Tschudi Risk Policy
Tschudi Information Security Policy