Our History

A century of experience

We are part of the Norwegian Tschudi Group which dates back to 1883. This means that we benefit from a well-established global network of partners and a range of business activities within shipping, offshore and logistics covered by other group companies.

Our values are based on a solid foundation of four generations. We are proud of our long family history. To understand our values and work ethic, it is necessary to get an insight into the foundations our company was built on.

From left: Felix H. Tschudi, Edle Astrup Tschudi, the late Captain Henry F. Tschudi and Henry F. Tschudi

Nordic roots

The Tschudi Shipping Company history dates back to 1883 when the shipping company Tschudi & Eitzen AS was established. The founders of Tschudi & Eitzen AS were both Captains onboard the world's first sailing tankers.

Traditionally Tschudi was a ship-owner but has now developed into a variety of subsidiary companies in shipping, offshore and towage, logistics, personnel services and financial services. Overt time the company subsequently operated a wide range of vessels starting with sailing and steamships and moving onto general cargo vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, OBOs, submersible heavy lift vessels, chemical tankers, gas carriers, tugs and barges as well as container and Ro-Ro vessels.

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Job and career

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Learn more about our 140 years of pioneering spirit through the Tschudi Timeline.

Tschudi Timeline

Our flag and logo

Our logo and funnel mark carry history. The Tschudi family originates from Switzerland and the funnel mark is therefore based on the coat of arms of Zürich displayed on a red belt, combin­ing the Swiss symbol with the Norwegian colours. This was first introduced in 1896 on the Norwegian steamship, MV UTO, as a gesture to the vessel’s Swiss shareholders. The Tschudi logo is the family name with a flag based on the original funnel mark.

Tschudi today

Today The Tschudi Group employs more than 300 people for both land and sea operation. We have offices in Europe, Asia, and Africa and currently there is a total of eight sister companies. We work within different fields but collaborate on different projects as much as possible. By doing that, we are a united and strong entity which is prominent in the market and can deliver smart combined solutions. Never hesitate to contact a colleague from one of our Tschudi companies for guidance.

Our logo and funnel mark reference both Zürich and Norway, thereby honoring the Tschudi family's Swiss and Norwegian heritage.
Here you can see our funnel mark on MV Albis sailing in Chinese waters.