Tschudi Mozambique

Nordic roots, based in Mozambique

Tschudi Mozambique is located in Maputo - the ideal connection point for business in East Africa. Being present locally gives us a distinct competitive advantage when conducting projects.

We are ready to serve the needs arising from the extensive natural gas development in Mozambique.

We provide solutions for:
- Logistics solutions for all elements - from small to oversized
- LNG transshipment services
- Ship Management and agency services
- Storage solutions
- Visa and permit services
- Procurement and import

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High-quality logistics services in East Africa

Near and far

With us, you get the best of both worlds: Tschudi Mozambique combines our extensive local knowledge of Mozambique with the great experience and resources of the entire Tschudi Group.

Local know-how

Our teams in Mozambique consist of local professionals who are keenly familiar with local customs and regulations. Their localised knowledge will give you access to the best solutions and networks in Mozambique.

Highly experienced

For years, we operated successfully in East Africa before formally touching ground in Mozambique in 2019 with the opening of our office in Maputo.

From Norway to Mozambique

We are a part of the Norwegian Tschudi Group, which dates back to 1883. 51% of our company is Mozambican and the remaining 49% is Norwegian.

Comprehensive agency services

From our base in Maputo we provide port agency services for several ports in Mozambique. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we are always present on site.

Our agency services include:  

- Port clearance  
- Recruitment of crew and crew change
- Bunkers  
- Ships supplies
- Garbage disposal  
- Ad hoc tasks, et cetera

We serve the following Mozambican ports:  
Maputo  /  Beira /  Nacala  /  Pemba  /  Palma

Storage and warehousing

With us, you have various of options for safe storage of your cargo. We offer storage and warehousing with a high level of security no matter the size of the elements you need stored.

We also offer storage as an imbedded part of our tailored package solutions for transport and logistics.

Reliable STS services

Are you looking for a reliable provider of ship-to-ship transfer operations?    
We offer STS services for crude oil, liquefied natural gas (LNG), bulk cargo, and petroleum products. Our knowledge is based on the Tschudi Group’s long-lasting experiences within the field of STS.

Conducting STS operations on the coastline of Mozambique requires an extensive focus on safety. We have the necessary experience and rely on our HSEQ certificates.

We are proud members of

Enviromental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

We strive to maintain sustainability and responsibility at the core of all our activities.


Our team always comply with rules and regulations that are applicable in the countries we operate in. We comply with international bodies and standards, national and international statutory and regulatory.


Our corporate policies act as our guiding principles for our everyday decisions and actions. The Tschudi procedure ensures that our team know specifically how to carry out our policies, which keeps our organization streamlined.


We are ISO certified with regards to quality management (ISO 9001), occupational health and safety (ISO 45001), and environmental management (ISO 14001).


We act as a responsible corporate citizen, living our values in relation to the businesses, societies, and environments where we operate. We want to create value, by leaving a positive footprint!