Tschudi team in Rotterdam extends service portfolio

It has now been one year since the Dutch Tschudi Logistics office re-opened its doors in Rotterdam. Business is rolling again, and the first year has been characterized by a lot of activity! Not only have they succeeded in picking up the beverage logistics business seamlessly, they have also seen several achievements along the way.

Until now, the main focus for our Dutch office has been importing beverages from all over Europe to Norway. One of the goals for 2020 is to expand the services by offering solutions for distribution of beverages to all countries in Scandinavia.

“We now offer distribution of beverages to Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Extending our services to other countries is a logical step for us, as we are already highly experienced and have close relations to various providers of wine and other spirits. Further, we of course benefit from having own offices in Rotterdam, Aarhus & Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Turku and Oslo.” Sjoerd van’t Sant, General Manager Tschudi Logistics Holland.

Renewed customs licenses and certifications
As a part of the re-opening, customs licenses have been renewed to the most recent versions. The license is the artery in our day-to-day business of handling excise goods and creating documentation for export customs. Due to recent changes in the regulations, we have focused intensively on getting the most updated license pushed through. The customs license is now brought home and we will continue to keep ahead on developments in our area of business.

Besides making us able to take care of customs documentation and handling of excise goods, the license is also an important step towards obtaining a full AEO certification. The AEO certification has become the new standard in the world of transport and logistics and it will emphasize our position as a reliable partner.

Find more information on our beverage transport services here.

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