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Tschudi Logistics Group has experienced remarkable progress, especially during the pandemic – like most other companies in the business. Our office in Gothenburg Sweden is no exception. Tasks are piling up at the desks and to free time for further development of business, it is now time to grow the team. Therefore, the Swedish team is currently on the lookout for a new employee to join the team. But what has work been like during the pandemic, what are the learnings, and what future business developments are on the drawing board? Mads Olsen, who is Managing Director for Tschudi Logistics Sweden, takes us behind the facade and looks back.

Running a business during a pandemic

As for all other companies, the pandemic was the start of an era characterized by uncertainty. We could only guess how the market would react and hope for the best. Luckily the latter seems to be the case – at least for now. The demand for project transports and logistics is at an all-time high, and here in Sweden we are experiencing a busy market. During the pandemic, we have conducted several large shipments, among others air charter for a 85 ton piece, transport of oversized construction cargo for a power plant for the UK, large LNG tanks to Turkey and much more.

Other than experiencing a rapidly growing demand among both existing and new clients, we have noticed a shift in what the clients need. The ever-changing rules and regulations have enhanced complexity for even the most conventional shipments and professional guidance is more important than ever. Based on this, our role as forwarder now relies just as much on our role as professional consultants in the field of transports. This has further strengthened the relations we have with our clients. Our credibility is our force, and I believe it creates a sense of certainty for our clients in a market heavily impacted by the pandemic.

The increasing demand and the positive development now form the basis for new employment. We are looking forward to growing our team, so we will be able to handle even more projects. First and foremost, we are searching for two new project forwarders to join our team in Gothenburg.

Working from home

The biggest change, during the pandemic, for our team here in Sweden, was without a doubt the fact that we had to work from home. Coming to the office every day is of great importance to us, as it is here, we exchange ideas and suggestions in relation to our projects. Evidently, the social aspect of working from the office is priceless. For us it was always a temporary solution, and we are happy to be back in office here in central Gothenburg again.

What will the future bring

We are quite well established here on the Swedish market. While the pandemic has stressed the opportunity for us to grow our business further, it has not been the driving factor. We mostly conduct transports of oversized cargo and this will continue to be our main area of business.

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