Running a new business in an unstable market

Off for a flying start. Since the opening August 2021, Tschudi Lines has succeeded in operating business in the European short sea market. During the first couple of months, the newly established short sea/liner agent team received several regular bookings on a weekly basis. This has formed a great fundament for further development of the business. Per Møller, who is the Managing Director of Tschudi Lines, shares a few thoughts on the current situation, which is heavily influenced by the unstable market, and the time to come.

A challenging market

First off, we have naturally been heavily impacted by the fluctuating market during the fall. Not an ideal situation for starting business, to say the least. The unstable market has impacted us with regards to capacity challenges, rapidly increasing time charter costs, and the rising oil prices. More specifically business was directly affected when we had to pose delays and, in some cases, postponed contracts for some of our new customers. Fortunately, our clients have been very understanding and acknowledge, that we do our absolute best to navigate in the market.

For the rest of the year, we are more than busy. The first quarter of 2022 is packed with orders from new clients – so there is much to look forward to. All in all, I think we have been off for a flying start for Tschudi Lines.


The positive start has formed the basis for growing the short sea team. From November 16th, Charlotte Nord Larsen joined Tschudi Lines as Operations Manager Shortsea, and with this extra resource, we can again speed up the process for contacting new potential customers with part load and full load containers from the Continent to Norway.

We are already recognizing a positive contribution, which keeps us optimistic about a positive 2022 – even in a very challenging market!

About Tschudi Lines

The Tschudi Group has long experience in operating short sea container lines. Tschudi Lines was developed in 2006 from ESCO Eurolines, the former short sea activity of the Estonian Shipping Company, operating between Northern Europe and the Baltics. In 2015 the company was sold, but in 2021 the Tschudi Shipping Company decided to reopen Tschudi Lines under Tschudi Logistics Holding.

Tschudi Lines provides services for transport of dry containers, reefer containers and special containers – 20ft, 40ft and 45ft. The team is experienced in handling customs clearance for all countries in Europe, including the UK and Ireland. We handle all the paperwork quickly to ensure that the transport of your cargo proceeds smoothly. We are always updated on rules and regulations, and you can be sure, that cargo is handled safely in our care.

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