Project transports - success in Greenland

For two months during the summer of 2016, the mining exploration company ARC has been undertaking programmes at the Maarmorilik Zinc Mine in the North and Nalunaq Gold Mine in the South of Greenland. Tschudi Logistics has been responsible for all project logistics concerning the mines. This has included everything from recruitment of suitable staff and managing a fully catered camp for up to 30 people, to supplying all equipment needed to support the successful exploration activities.

Responsible for project transports, recruitment, supplying equipment and catering to mines in Greenland

Due to the remote location of the projects, it is vital that the logistics operations have been carefully planned and executed. If any required items are not transported to the sites initially, it is both expensive and time consuming to obtain them and consequently this would potentially have a negative impact on exploration activities taking place. Good project management with tight cost control has ensured that the programme has been executed efficiently, on time and within budget. Tschudi has whenever possible, used local employment and suppliers, thus also benefitting the local community around the mines.

Tschudi’s main focus has been to enable our client to concentrate on exploration activities, including drilling at Maarmorilik, to further their understanding of the potential of both projects. If things do not work or we are missing vital equipment, the overall costs will increase accordingly so it has been important that we procure everything at the best price. We therefore started planning this programme in February, many months ahead of the field season and have engaged workers with a local knowledge of the project to help things run smoothly.

It is the first season ARC has managed projects in Greenland and we are proud to say that they are extremely pleased with our work and the contribution we have made to a successful programme outcome. With our assistance they have been able to make significant progress in better understanding the exploration potential and existing resources at both projects which can be built on in future seasons.

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