A strong collaboration makes heavy lighter

Recently Tschudi Logistics tailored a bulletproof logistics solution for the transportation of three massive gas turbines. The turbines had to be transported from Norrköping in Sweden to Kandla in India, via Denmark. Port of Grenaa in Denmark was chosen as hub due to its central location in Northern Europe, ideal navigation conditions along with the possibility of heavy lift and storage.

The first part of the project commenced in February 2019 and the vessel MV Tasmanic Winter is now on the way to Kandla in India.

In February, the coaster MV Rimini arrived from Norrköbing, Sweden to Port of Grenaa in Denmark. The coaster completed three trips to Grenaa to deliver three gas turbines and 230 coli. Cargo was safely stored in Port of Grenaa for three weeks until the heavy lift vessel MV Tasmanic Winter arrived to finalize the long journey to end-destination India. Each gas turbine weighs 170 mton and the total bulk density of the project cargo was a staggering 5000 m3. The turbines are intended for electricity production in India.

A project with heavy requirements

The international transport company Tschudi Logistics was behind the comprehensive project. According to the Danish department of the company, there were several reasons why Port of Grenaa was the right choice for the project.

“We have collaborated with Port of Grenaa on several occasions. The harbor has an ideal location centrally in Northern Europe and it is easily accessible – also for the larger ships. For this project we needed a port with deep water capacity, possibility for storage, heavy lift competencies and competent project management. Port of Grenaa has it all and was ideal for this project”.

Due to commercial interest, the project cargo was shipped from Sweden to Denmark in three smaller shipments before sailing to end-destination India. Grenaa functioned as an ideal hub prior to the final shipment to India – both in relation to the location and the facilities. In the period up to the final shipment, the project cargo were safely stored at a secured area of ​​the port, located close to the quay for a subsequent easily accessible loading process.

project transport of gas turbines from Sweden to India via Denmark
Heavy lift of gas turbine 170 mton performed by two mobile cranes and a spreader bed.
Chartering of heavy lift vessel
MV Tasmanic Winter at quay in Grenaa. The ship has own crane capacity of up to 800 tons when lifting combined.

Among the greatest lift capacities in Denmark

The unloading of the three gas turbines of 170 tons each along with the 230 colli proceeded safely and effectively. The port’s two large mobile cranes and highly experienced crane operators solved the task smoothly. Specifically, for this project assignment, a spreader bed was provided by Grenaa. The spreader bed gave the mobile cranes a decisive lifting capacity of up to 195 tons. This is among the largest capacities for port mobile cranes in Denmark.

The fact that the Port of Grenaa makes use of special equipment for specific projects emphasizes the Port of Grenaa’s value set of being a flexible port that extends far to offer the customer the best solution.

“Our experience is that the collaboration between the companies came together – with great support from our skilled crane operators. It is our strength to listen to the customers’ needs and requirements in order to tailor the right solution and offer great flexibility”, says CCO Theis Gisselbæk, Grenaa Havn A / S.

The last part of the journey

Heavy lift vessel MV Tasmanic Winter, with its impressive length of approx. 167 meters and width of just under 24 meters carried the goods to end-destination Kandla in India. With a total lifting capacity of up to 800 mton, the ship’s own cranes were used to load the heavy gas turbines. Port of Grenaa provided mobile cranes for efficient loading of the other project goods. In just 3.5 working days the ship was loaded and then set course towards India.

Click here for more information about the project or read the Danish version of the article here.

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