Tschudi Logistics breaks ground in Mozambique

Continuous success paves the way for new adventures on familiar grounds. While the African market can be challenging to enter, the continent offers tremendous business opportunities for those with the necessary know-how.

Based on our knowledge and experience with regards to Africa, we have decided that now is the time to officially break ground with a new office on the continent.

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Maputo in Mozambique will be the geographical location for the new office. Mozambique has vast unexplored oil and gas reserves but limited offshore infrastructure. A recent discovery revealed that Mozambique has one of the world’s largest gas reserves offshore and therefore development will start later this year.

Managing Director Thomas Vestergaard and Sandra Yolanda will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the office in close collaboration with colleagues from other Tschudi Logistics offices in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

Sandra’s main focus will be on strengthening the presence in South-East Africa. With her business development and sales background, she will clear the way for identifying stakeholders in the logistics sector. Sandra Yolanda explains: “Joining Tschudi Logistics Group is a great opportunity to work for an international company in Mozambique. The Tschudi Group’s experience from working with large projects in Africa caught my interest and I am confident that the time is now right for Tschudi to take root in the African logistics market.”

With the new office in Mozambique Tschudi Logistics Group will provide multimodal logistics services to/from and domestically in Africa with continuous high attention to international standards. In addition, the office will be offering agency services in port of Maputo, Beira, Nacala and Pemba.

New adventures on familiar grounds
The Tschudi Group acknowledge that the full potential of doing business in Africa is yet to be explored. In 2016 the group started a partnership with Nuno Uinge, who own the Mozambican company Energy Works that provides services in the oil and gas industry. As a result of this collaboration Tschudi Mozambique Lda was established.

Since then the Tschudi Group has closely followed the logistics market along with the local oil and gas sector – with the purpose of investigating more business opportunities. Nuno Uinge states the following about his partnership with The Tschudi Group: “Based on our long partnership here in Mozambique, I believe that The Tschudi Group’s know-how concerning doing business here will be a great advantage. Also, the partnership with EnergyWorks will further ensure competent local specialized services with international standards required for the complexity of the industry.” Nuno Uinge, CEO EnergyWorks.

With local representation, Tschudi Logistics Group will have a distinct competitive advantage when tendering for projects in the up-and-coming African market.

A challenging market with tremendous opportunities
According to Thomas Vestergaard, CCO at Tschudi Logistics and Managing Director in Mozambique, the South-East African market poses tremendous opportunities.

“I have worked on several projects in Africa throughout the years. I believe that the key to success is to find the balance for local adaptation and global complexity. In Africa it is essential to be able to navigate risk in order to explore opportunities – something we have done for many years.”

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