Dare to Be Different: Tschudi Logistics Sponsors Unconventional Arctic Expedition

Atlas Explorers’ Maria and Lars will undertake an unorthodox journey across Greenland on skis. Tschudi Logistics are pleased to sponsor the Nordic pioners’ exceptional journey which will begin on April 15th.

Tschudi Logistics is proud to announce that our company is sponsoring Atlas Explorers’ exciting expedition across the South coast of Greenland. Atlas Explorers consists of Norwegian-based Maria Winther and Lars Bukkehave, who will set out on their epic Arctic exploration on April 15th.

Maria and Lars are both drawn to the exciting expanse of the great outdoors. Time and time again, they have pushed boundaries by choosing unconventional routes and techniques for their expeditions, with the pair often reaping great rewards by defying conventions and taking the road less travelled.

Atlas Explorers will travel for 40 days across 800 kilometers of arctic ice on skis.

"For years, the virtue of creating value by daring to be different has been central to our organisation, so naturally the opportunity to support Maria and Lars on their latest expedition is thrilling,” said Eskil Ødegaard, CEO of Tschudi Logistics Group. “Tschudi Logistics is proud to partner with Atlas Explorers who have dedicated themselves to exploring the polar regions, which are core to our company’s origins.”

The pair will travel by boat to the Qaleragdlit glacier on the Southern coast of Greenland. From here, their “homemade” route will take them across 800 kilometers of unexplored Arctic ice, which they will traverse by ski while transporting their own equipment on pulks. Atlas Explorers’ awe-inspiring expedition will come to an end 40 days later in Tasiilaq on the East coast of Greenland.

Safety is of the upmost importance to Maria and Lars. For the past year, they have spent their free time coordinating the adventure and ensuring the expedition’s logistics, safety precautions, and training. The explorers will carry with them several kilograms of first aid equipment preparing them for anything from ripped clothes to cold-induced chipped teeth, pneumonia, and more. Additionally, Maria and Lars will have off-site support from Gregers Gjersøe, the first Dane to ski on the South Pole. The experienced adventurer will be in daily contact with the pair via a satellite communications system.

Previously, Maria and Lars have crossed Europe's largest glacier with skis and pulkas.

As a logistics company, Tschudi Logistics understands the critical importance of this kind of preparation and planning, and we are proud to be associated with Maria and Lars who share our commitment to ensuring a safe and successful journey. We believe that by supporting expeditions like this, we can help promote innovation and exploration, while also prioritizing the safety and security of all involved.

Completing logistics activities in Greenland is something Tschudi is very familiar with. Notably, Tschudi Logistics handled all logistics for the mining exploration company ARC’s projects at the Maarmorilik Zinc Mine in the North and at the Nalunaq Gold Mine in the South of Greenland. Due to the remote location of the projects, it was vital that the logistics operations were carefully planned and executed. If any required items were not transported to the sites initially, it would be both expensive and time consuming to obtain them.

Good project management with tight cost control ensured that the project was executed efficiently, on time, and within budget. Tschudi, whenever possible, used local employment and suppliers, thus also benefitting the local community around the mines.

Maria Winther and Lars Bukkehave of Arctic Explorers.

Atlas Explorers will begin their journey in the coming days. You can follow every step of Marie and Lars’ fantastic expedition across Greenland here.

Tschudi Logistics looks forward to following Atlas Explorers’ incredible journey and we wish Maria and Lars all the best as they embark on this unique adventure.

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