Joining the team: A trainee’s journey at Tschudi

As part of Tschudi Logistics’ ambition to leave a positive footprint wherever we operate, we are dedicated to paving the way for future generations of logistics professionals. That is why we aim to provide the best possible conditions for our trainee’s growth to comfortably introduce them to the exciting and challenging field of logistics.

But entering the world of logistics can be overwhelming. That is why we have spoken with Head of Projects and Logistics, Joona Hakala from our office in Finland about being a trainee in the field of logistics. In 2022, Joona took the leap from Tschudi trainee to full member of our team, so there is no one better to ask.

A Lot to Learn                   

“If you compare Tschudi Logistics to other companies, the huge companies have their own departments, for example invoicing departments, export departments, import departments and so on that all work separately. At Tschudi on the other hand, you get to handle all these aspects on your own. In that way you gain experience with many more things as a trainee. It’s more demanding, of course, but you also learn a lot more than you would elsewhere,” said 25-year-old Joona.

Before joining Tschudi, Joona studied logistics engineering at a university in Finland. Fortunately, the Managing Director of Tschudi Logistics’ office in Finland – a former student of the same university– reached out to the school asking for trainees, and subsequently Joona applied and landed the position. Initially, Joona would mostly support his colleagues while getting comfortable in the field of logistics.

“I was there to mostly help my colleagues with some easier tasks while getting to know the routines and so on. It took some time, of course,“ Joona added. “I didn't have any experience in logistics beforehand except from what I learnt in school, but school is always different when it comes to actually working with it. So there was still a lot to learn, which was exciting.”

Joona, 25, has taken the leap from intern to full member at Tschudi Logistics' Finland office.

A Greater Understanding of the Industry

We strive to create a secure and fruitful working and learning environment for our trainees at all Tschudi offices. As a trainee, you will be challenged for the sake of personal and professional development. Our trainees have freedom to act on their own – but help is never far away if needed.

“The environment here is very kind. I really think we have a great team here in Finland. They supported me very well actually, and they were always ready to help if I needed it. In general, I got a great understanding of how things get from place A to place B. I really hadn’t been taught much at university about what was happening behind the scenes with clients and all that. All you learned in class was like Incoterms and some terms and such. You can’t really see the process. It’s very different when you’re actually involved,” said Joona.

After four months as a trainee, Joona became a full member of the Tschudi team in Finland as Logistics Coordinator. While he maintains many of the same responsibilities, he now enjoys a greater level of freedom.

“I look forward to learning more, of course, and getting to know more clients. I’ve always had fun while being challenged in interesting ways while at Tschudi, so I hope that continues to be the case. If anyone is considering joining Tschudi as a trainee my advice would be to not be afraid of new things and instead just be fearless,” said Joona who clearly is enjoying the start of his Tschudi journey.

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