New company, Tschudi Tanzania Ltd.

Continuing the expansion in East Africa, Tschudi Logistics is launching a new company, Tschudi Tanzania Ltd, in Dar es Salaam. Tschudi Tanzania Ltd. offers logistics solutions for on- & offshore operations while further establishing Tschudi’s presence on the Eastern coast of Africa.

Since Tschudi Logistics’ first expansion into East Africa, the market has developed rapidly. The need for logistics services going from Europe and China into East Africa is now evident. The establishment of Tschudi Tanzania Ltd. will support the offices in Mozambique, and the collaboration between the two Tschudi companies can help better meet the growing demand in East Africa.

Positioned strongly in the East African market
This marks the third time Tschudi Logistics Group has expanded operations in East Africa since establishing Tschudi Mozambique Lda. in 2019. Since then, Tschudi Mozambique Lda. has slowly turned its focus from LNG projects to more general forwarding and project transport services. Tschudi’s operations in East Africa now consists of Tschudi Mozambique Lda. with offices in Maputo and Pemba as well as Tschudi Tanzania Ltd. in Dar es Salaam.

Regarding the future of Tschudi’s activities in East Africa, Vestergaard states:
“We see an immense potential and local interest to attract foreign investors. We want to be ready to meet their logistics needs in the years to come.”

Combining Nordic values with local expertise
Day-to-day running of Tschudi Tanzania Ltd. will be headed by Thomas Vestergaard, CCO of Tschudi Logistics and Managing Director of Tschudi Mozambique Lda, as well as by newly appointed Business Development Manager, Bernadette Mende. Furthermore, Tschudi Tanzania Ltd. aims to hire an additional two staff members within the coming months.

Tschudi strives to combine its Nordic values with local know-how; a belief refered to as ‘Nordic Roots, Global Reach’. According to CCO Thomas Vestergaard, the launch of Tschudi Tanzania Ltd. is closely tied with the appointment of Business Development Manager, Bernadette Mende:

“Our business is all about our people, their connections, and their ability to fulfil the client’s needs. Tschudi Logistics’ comprehensive network in East Africa allows us to target individuals – such as Mende – who are experts on local developments and know the unique demands of the region.”

A tight collaboration with sister companies
Tschudi Tanzania Ltd. will, like Tschudi Mozambique Lda, provide services for logistics, LNG transhipments, ship management and agency. Further, clients will be able to get assistance with agency services; storage solutions; procurement and import as well as visa and permit services. These services, which are partly provided in cooperation with the sister company, Tschudi Ship Management, allow the Tschudi team to aid clients better than ever before with local staff in Dar es Salaam.

Tschudi Tanzania Ltd. will also help Tschudi better facilitate projects going to and from destinations in the middle of Africa such as The Republic of Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya just to mention a few. The expansion is a part of Tschudi’s ambition to be involved in the most complex projects as well as to deliver service at the highest possible level.

Recently Tschudi Mozambique Lda. handled a transport of heavy cargo going from Mombasa Port to Moshi, Tanzania. This project underlines Tschudi’s ability to deliver reliable services in East Africa.

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